Dear Writer — Your Life Isn’t Boring and It’s Worth Sharing

That’s true no matter who you are

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It's full on summer here in the Mediterranean. Having no AC and fans, I'm glad the municipal swimming pool is just a five-minute walk away from my home…

Anyway, today's story is about the fact that you do not need to have lived an extraordinary life to write compelling personal stories. Even if you are a writer who lives the dullest, most boring, ordinary life imaginable, it is entirely worthwhile sharing it with others. Having an ordinary life can even be an advantage when it comes to writing personal stories.

Intrigued? Read on :)

Dear Writer — Your Life Isn’t Boring and It’s Worth Sharing

That’s true no matter who you are

When the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened, I was barely a toddler. But that event changed my life forever.

You see, I was living with my parents in a goat stable somewhere in rural Germany and the news were full of warnings of clouds bringing over radioactive rain from Ukraine. So, my mom, who had her own vegetable garden and didn’t want to feed us glowing rain-soaked Frankencarrots, freaked out. She grabbed my little brother and me by the diapers, threw us into my dad’s hippie van, and shouted wide-eyed at my dad to just “Go! Go! Go!”

Panicked, my dad hit the accelerator and we fled, with the rain of doom slowly disappearing in the rear mirror. Eventually, we …


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